84 days or Halfway There

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Mostly just a number..
but today,for me, a unique and thought provoking number.

This morning's email from Training Peaks said...
Type: Day Off 
Bask in the Glory of your race!!!

Now that's my kind of workout!

It seems that as much as I may be "basking in the glory" of a great time yesterday, I really find myself looking ahead to

84 days from today. 
70.3 miles of swimming, biking, and running.
My crazy goal???
To complete it in 6hrs and 30 min or less.

Like 31 total miles...
3hrs 40 minutes.

Do the Math.
More than double the distance, way less than double the time.

I need to be able to...roughly...

Swim @ an avg pace of 2:00/100 yrds (Yesterday 2:14 with a wardrobe malfunction)
Bike @ an avg pace of 17.5 mph (Yesterday 15.1)
Run @ an avg pace of 11:04 min/mile (Yesterday 12:29)

I'm thinking it doesn't look good.
Then, since I'm sitting here keeping my feet up today, I decided to look back....
Look back 84 days and see where I was.

84 days ago yesterday...

 My best swim times were in the 2:24-2:30 average range.
I'm halfway there.

My best bike times were 12-13mph
I'm halfway there.

My run times were 14:00 min/miles
I'm halfway there.

Halfway There...with Halfway to Go.

I've had my doubts recently and questioned my ability,
 even after cutting 37 minutes off my Olympic time yesterday....
Today I was instructed to bask in the glory of the race.
I chose to reflect.

84 days ago yesterday I visited with a potential coach. I told him he had to believe I could achieve my goals, no matter how crazy.

84 days ago that coach and I decided to work together.

We're Halfway There!

With the right kind of coaching and determination you can accomplish Anything!

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