Slow is the New Fast

Yesterday was a "quick" 2 mile run, followed by a TRX/Core workout.
I really want to add a little Yoga in the future.


Today...put the heart rate monitor away and run a "comfortable" pace for an hour and then kick it up just a notch for the last 30 minutes. All a great plan. I was happy to just run without thinking about my heart rate...until I started focusing on the fact the last 30 minutes would be slightly uphill into the 20 mph wind. 

I took several very short walking breaks to get my mental game back on track. It worked....but I'm sure they need to be fewer and farther in between.


When all was said and done..I wasn't thrilled with my pace, but it was faster than my recent times by 2 or 3 minutes/mile.
That gives me 5 months to drop another 2 minutes off my pace.

Heck, if I can drop 2 minutes, in one day...
Imagine what I can do in 5 Months.

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