The Countdown Begins

35 Weeks and Counting.

Last Monday night I sat watching football, eating spice drops, blogging of my Crazy Goals and lamenting of my inability to get motivated. This Monday I find myself once again sitting on the couch watching football.
There is however a difference..first spice drops. Second, thanks to my broken toe and actually being forced to take the week off, I sit here with a very workable plan for my 70.3 (in under 6:30). 

Without going into too much detail, the plan calls for stepping back just a little. Having gained some weight and lost some fitness over the last few months, I realized I can't just pick up where I think I left off. I most certainly know I can't sit around doing nothing until my toe heals. Sure, 35 weeks sounds like a long time, but I do have other events before Vineman. In fact Vineman won't even be my first 70.3. I am scheduled to run Rage in April as my first foray into the half ironman distance.

So, back to the couch.....
Tonight, I sit not eating any junk food, having eaten 3 good (not perfect) meals. I achieved my goal of losing ONE pound last week, yes, just ONE.
Did you know you don't have to lose 20 all in one week?? 
 And instead of using my toe as an excuse to do nothing, I did a really fabulous core workout tonight.
Tomorrow I may start learning Yoga.....


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