The Day of the Tortoise

This was the elevation map for today's run. Red Rock Canyon Loop, first 4 miles.

Red Rock

It was an out and back, so I had 4 miles of downhill to look forward to on the way back. 

This was the sign that greeted me as I started out on my run today. 

 I started my run with great anticipation. I was running in a new place with beautiful scenery. Little did I know that after only a mile I would begin to think that sign was about me.

In just about 2 weeks I'm planning to run my first half marathon in this exact place. I'm starting to think that may have been a mistake. After the first mile I was breathing way too hard and moving way too slow.
Midway through the second mile I wasn't sure if the liquid in my eyes was sweat or tears. I began to question everything. 

Why am I doing this? Who am I kidding? If I can't even do the first 4 miles of THIS run! will I ever complete a 70.3?

Even after making the turn for the downhill return my mind was not my friend.
How can running DOWNHILL be SO HARD?
My knees hurt.
My hip hurts.
This Stinks!

I sat home last night feeling sorry for myself. The run was brutal and demoralizing. 

Somewhere along the way,
I remembered what my friend Kirsten at AOY says...

"What's Right With This"

What's right with this....
Good thing I found out what this course was like before I ran the half. Now I know what to expect and can plan.

What's right with this....
I actually had some nice split times and overall, considering the times I've been running, and the difficulty of this course, my overall time wasn't that dissapointing.

What's right with this...
Tears or Sweat ?
I finished my planned workout even though I wanted to quit.

What's right with this...
When I got in the Jeep to go home..the song
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" was playing.

Anything is possible!

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